Wing Dings and Tide Pods – Super Bowl Snacks – Bar room Blues

For those of you who acquire not yet visited the new Aliment Lion abundance in Wake Forest, which, based on the abundance of shoppers we had to activity our way through today there can’t be many, I capital to accord you a quick briefing on a few of the things you can apprehend at this new avant-garde location.

One of the aboriginal things I begin different was how all the sidewalks carry you down to the abandon of the building, you know, so you can access the antechamber through the doors that are erect to the foreground of the architecture (for those of you from Iron-Duff that’s a adorned way of adage that there’s a balustrade that sticks out from the foreground of the abode and instead of accepting accomplish that go appropriate up the average the accomplish is over on anniversary side). Strange affair was, if we got to the ancillary of the vestibule, there will not no doors there. So what you acquire to do next is, footfall aback out into the road, abstain accepting hit, and again airing aback to the foreground of the antechamber breadth the doors are (porch for those of you from Iron-Duff). I acquire to say, accepting an covering over that foreground breadth (covered balustrade for those of you from Iron-Duff) would acquire been absolutely accessible during today’s monsoon.

Now if you’re cerebration that all this plan just to get central ability not be account it, abhorrence not, already central you will acquisition all the advantage you came for, not to acknowledgment the befalling to airing through the applicant aftermath cooler. This allowance is appropriately humidified and abundantly cooled in adjustment to advance the freshest vegetables in town. Upon departure the aftermath cavern you will acquisition yourself abnormality through their new accompaniment of the art Deli. Folks, they’ve got subs, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, sushi, and even accomplished absurd chickens. You can brainstorm my activity examination all of the delis offerings, abnormally afterwards accepting to absorb all that time in the aftermath cave. Aftermath cooler, are you badinage me? Hey Aliment Lion, how bender the next time ya’ll get calm to architecture a abundance and some adolescent hipster walks in the allowance and says you charge a aftermath acknowledgment over there breadth the beer cavern acclimated to be, ya’ll do a little adult’n and put him aback on night about-face stocking shelves. Trust me, a few months of night about-face accompanying with the disruption of his aerial circadian accent and he’ll overlook all about his amoebic vegan ways, but I digress.

So aback to the deli, breadth today is Super Bowl Sunday and I’m about to buy myself a brace dozen Wing Dings. I’m cerebration maybe I’ll get a dozen approved Wing Dings and a Dozen Spicy Wing Dings, right? So I’m searching all up and down the hot shelf and I don’t see any, so I asked this nice adolescent adolescent from the cafeteria area breadth I ability acquisition the Wing Dings. I affected he formed in the cafeteria because he was cutting a blue, beginning out of the bag, Aliment Lion polo with a agleam new badge. The casting even had his name on it, or at atomic I anticipate it was his name, it’s harder to acquaint if they use them old-school Dymo labelers. I say all of this to advice explain what happened next, because what I heard was a account that I affected was artlessly advancing from the aperture of some new kid, one who doesn’t acquire the retail business yet, or maybe he just isn’t up to acceleration on all things Aliment Lion yet, could could cause what he says was, “we don’t accomplish Wing Dings anymore”!! At that actual moment I gave that adolescent man my abounding attention, looked him appropriate in the eyes, and accepted that he analyze his statement! Afore the poor kid could even get out three acceptable b’s of a “b-b-b-but” stutter, addition adolescent absitively he ability charge to intervene. Aswell cutting one of them new dejected polo shirts with accompanying Dymo arresting name tag, although his denoted him as the “Deli Manager”, he proceeded to affirm the adolescent lads ahead declared gut abstraction account by saying, “yep, that’s right, we ain’t gonna accomplish those Wing Dings anymore. We got this casting new hot bar over actuality breadth you can get em any way you wish em”, as he credibility against a rolling cafe that’s just the appropriate acme to acquiesce accouchement to play. Afterwards a quick attending about the bar, I accomplished that what he meant by “any way you wish em” is that you can acquire em any way you wish em as continued as the way you wish em is overheated to the point that the meat’s fatigued up on the cartilage and again dip em in a adhesive candied BBQ or Orange Sauce. Folks, that ain’t the way I wish em!

If you’re apprehensive what I did next, I’ll acquaint you. I did the abandoned affair a appreciative man can do, I affective one of those to-go boxes and proceeded to aces out a dozen of those overheated fatigued up on the cartilage diabeetus booze covered affected craven wings. I didn’t do this because I capital to apperception you, but rather because Beth had snatched me by the arm and told me to stop my whining, leave the poor cafeteria kid alone, do or don’t get some of them accursed craven wings either way she don’t care, and appear on so we can accomplishment shopping. With my wings in the buggy, I accomplished my bad-tempered while blame our barrow through the acreage of absent promises, all the while demography affliction not to bang into the little old ladies blocking the aisles while they waited to apprehend from the abundance administrator as to whether or not the admirable aperture auction bulk for adolescent angle would still be accustomed next week.

Now for those of you who are anxious about me and anguish as to how I could possibly survive after Wing Dings, amuse blow easy, for I will eventually acquisition a gas base cafeteria that fixes their wings just the way I like em. I would like to ask however, that if you acquire a additional moment, you ability wish to say a adoration for the poor accountant that arrested us out, I’m abiding she’d acknowledge it. Turns out that I wasn’t the abandoned one that was aghast in our arcade acquaintance and apprehensive what the apple was advancing to. By the time we got home, anyone abroad had gotten in her fair allotment of whining too. Now while Beth may not allotment my affection for Wing Dings, she did assume to acquire a few pet peeves if it came to bagging her groceries, forth with a few best words for the poor accountant that did the baggin. She seemed absolutely afraid that the accountant had placed our toothpaste in the aforementioned bag with all our charwoman supplies, which included a canteen of aqueous bleach. I assumption it takes a lot added than bagging achromatize and toothpaste calm to shock me nowadays, abnormally if the bagger is from the aforementioned bearing that’s bistro Tide Pods. I can see the new ad attack now;

“Are you searching for a mouthwash that delivers Whiter Teeth and a Brighter Smile, accord Clorox a try. (Also kills bacilli accepted to could could cause bad breath)”.

Beth aswell took affair with the actuality that the accountant bagged our raw sausage and beginning alloyed greens together. It’s accomplishing crazy things like this that can generally advance to baleful cantankerous contamination. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not adage that the adolescent adult didn’t accommodate us with any aliment assurance precautions, I mean, at atomic she did acquire the appropriateness to abode the two items in one of them there “blue bags” so as we would apperceive that what was central would charge to be air-conditioned already we got home. Let’s face it, at some point the customer has to acquire some atom (limited bulk for those of you from Iron-Duff) of albatross for their own aliment safety. We’ve all heard those belief about families accepting ailing from their own cooking, and how it could’ve calmly been prevented had they’ve artlessly followed some complete sanitation and hygiene practices if alive in the kitchen. Lets yield my sausage and alloyed greens affair for example. By me alone selecting the able utensils, this adolescent cashiers bagging faux pas poses no bloom accident to me or my ancestors whatsoever. I artlessly alpha my alertness by avaricious a casting adamant bucket out from beneath the stove. Next, I about-face one of the big stove eyes to medium-high (6-7). To anticipate any sticking, I acclaim that you acquiesce the bucket to balmy for 2-3 minutes, just continued abundant so that you can feel the calefaction advancing up from the bucket if you beachcomber your duke over it but not so continued that it’ll bake your fingers if you blow it. Already appropriately pre-heated, bandy that sausage in the pan and baker it until its browned on both abandon yet still anointed in the middle. The browning of the alfresco of the sausage is the a lot of important step, as it ensures that the pan was hot abundant to bake off any bacilli that the sausage ability acquire best up from affecting them awful greens.

If you acquire a adventitious to go appointment the new Aliment Lion, I acclaim you delay a few days. If all goes able-bodied it will stop raining, they will add some awnings, and if my alarm to activity goes well, they’ll acquire Wing Dings aback on the shelf afore March Madness begins.